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BBC Rating: 9.8

FindOutTheTruth Background Check Headquarters

FindOutTheTruth.com was founded by two private detective in Florida and is known as the “background check superstore”. This is one of the only readily accessible consumer companies in the United States to offer international background checks. For over 8 years they have provided background checks, criminal records, employee screenings, tenant screenings, and international criminal background checks…among many other offerings…at […]

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BBC Rating: 7.8


IntegraScan offers services to both employers and consumers, and are a fairly highly regarded company. There consumer services are extensive and include: Instant results on your screen in seconds The most detailed and in-depth nationwide background checks available A complete scan of official records including felonies, misdemeanors and Federal charges Sex offender check Arrest record, […]

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Trak-1 Technology

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Trak-1 Background Check Services

Trak-1 is a national data and online background check provider with an emphasis on employee, resident and volunteer screening. They provide a comprehensive suite of risk management solutions for today’s landlords, employers, volunteer organizations, and other professionals. Trak-1 has a national network of sales and administrative offices and a robust delivery platform. As with other […]

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BBC Rating: 9.9

USSearch Background Checks and People Search

USSearch.com has been providing consumers solutions since 1994, and is a very well known and respected provider of background checks, criminal background checks, people search, phone number searches, social network searches and many other types of products. USSearch is ranked in the top 25 e-commerce consumer sites, which basically means they receive a lot of traffic and are generally […]

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